Game Shooting: The rolling agricultural land interspersed with these woodlands provide the perfect environment to show top quality birds. It is a mixed shoot, predominantly phesant, with some red-leg and recently introduced native English grey partridge. There is also wild fowling on the flight ponds or rivers, with mallard, teal, greylag and canada geese in plentiful supply.

Stalking: Native Roe deer thrive on this agricultural and wooded landscape. Along with the native Roe deer there is also an estate Fallow deer herd.

Fishing: The Estate is fortunate enough to be bordered on two sides by the River Eamont and River Eden providing prolific and beautiful stretches of water for fishing wild salmon, sea trout and brown trout. With double bank fishing over the majority of the beats, the fishable water amounts to almost ten miles, offering a variety of pools, depths, faster flowing rapids, sunny and shady stretches and calmer water. The river and their banks have always been attentively maintained with new tree plantings and erosion protection. There are well established fishing huts on the two rivers to unwind those knotts and enjoy a good lunch with a cold ale.

Edenhall Estate
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